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Wholesale MAC makeup brushes set new design with high quality,Factory outlet

Categories MAC makeup brushes
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MAC
Certification: ISO
Model Number: MAC01
MOQ: 10
Packaging Details: gift bag
Delivery Time: 5
Payment Terms: Paypal,TT,Westunion
Supply Ability: 1000000
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    Wholesale MAC makeup brushes set new design with high quality,Factory outlet

    Wholesale MAC makeup brushes set new design with high quality,Factory outlet

    1. The painting.

    There are many kinds of different shape of POWDER paint, generally there are three, a conical like BB,
    a BRUSH like MAC Makeup brushes 150 plunge into the thick round greatly, another fan like MAC 136 (please refer to the appearance of the BRUSH
    classification makeup BRUSH picture below). If your paint BRUSH only used to POWDER, then you can choose to like MAC 150 shape,
    with POWDER amount is much, the shape is easy, feel fluffy BRUSH. If you loose paint sometimes used to flash POWDER BRUSH,
    you can choose to like BB POWDER BRUSH as conical easy processing into small parts. If you are a little face JM,
    but to use POWDER and flash POWDER also highlights, so you'd better choose fan BRUSH like MAC 136, it has the best accuracy,
    transversely with can play a large area of loose POWDER, and tilted can play with highlights with vertical can also handle the alar details such as place,
    it is also the most useful on sweeps the residual POWDER!

    2. Cheek is red brush.

    There are generally two kinds of cheek is red MAC makeup brush, in the shape of an oval shape,
    like BB to natural lovely cheek is red, a kind of like MAC 168 Angle,
    can play shadow inclined stripe cheek is red and pink face, can also be used to make highlights.
    Cheek is red brush note when buying two, one, the bristles to soft, it won't hurt your face narrow,
    also won't at the time of brush cheek is red brush an incongruous color effect. The second point, not to brush too much,
    unless your face is very big, and you only that kind of cute little apple cheek is red, you can use a little older brush.
    The rest of the best buy smaller, so that you can change a variety of styles of cheek is red, can also be used to make
    the shadow decoration to make your face look smaller and more stereoscopic. Finally a little, bought for your cheek is red the taboo of cheek is red and small brush,
    brush dizzy don't open your cheek is red, with powder amount will be too much, let your face looks like a clown, so if you use blusher,
    be sure to invest in a good brush oh.

    3. The eye shadow brush.

    Eye makeup is the most important thing is to let others look not to come out of your eye shadow from there, from there to the end, it will only give a person the sense of green. So it is very important to a good eye shadow brush. If you want to buy BB, then you don't need to cost too much energy to pick, it's eye shadow brush each to have a clear purpose, and each one can only put that kind of purpose. But without marked clear purpose, like the MAC brush, you will need to match the. Generally speaking, the daily makeup look, you need three eye shadow brush, a larger color eye shadow brush can play, eye shadow brush, eye socket part of a medium, eyebrow bone place highlights, I think the brush is very important, but the average person is usually easy to ignore, if you are at least two colors of eye shadow, it can be dizzy catch your eye shadow to make it look without transition line. With it, your eye makeup will be very natural. And it can take the place of big eye shadow brush to play background, after you hit the block concealer to cover places powder. I think this is one of necessary eye makeup brush. If you wear eye smoked makeup and with blue, green eye shadow, you also need to buy a small eye shadow brush to help you achieve more delicate makeup look, of course, there are other very versatile eye shadow brush

    Big sweep powder/FACE BLENDER: multi-purpose wool makeup brush, with white wool with a special round head design, can be used to apply rouge, crushed powder and powder. Length: 18 cm Mao Kuan: 4 cm hair 4 cm long

    2. Sweep rouge/blusher/BLUSH: goat hair and small horse hair round fan of feather, just cooperate with zygomatic arch of concave and convex Angle, let you more easily daub rouge correct position, make your natural ruddy cheeks. Length: 18 cm Mao Kuan: 4 cm long MAO: 4 cm

    3. Sweep/FOUNDATION FOUNDATION: help the delicate makeup look, build FOUNDATION on the skin to effect, make skin more perfect. Length: 17.6 CM Mao Kuan: 2.5 CM long hair: 3 CM

    4. Eyelids sweep/shading brush 】 【 EYE SHADER: mix horse hair brush, is designed for the perfect EYE shadow brush divide evenly on the lid part and design whole EYE socket after the foundation of the shallow color EYE shadow, in the eyelid fold place daub brunet EYE shadow, shading way from EYE end to EYE head, EYE end color heavier, make EYE makeup is distinct. Finally dizzy color carefully with a brush, diffusion line, create natural feminine makeup look.

    Round brush can transition eye shadow more natural

    . Length: 17.5 CM Mao Kuan: 0.7 CM long MAO: 1 CM

    5. EYE SHADOW brush/EYE SHADOW: small and dense mixed sweep horse tail hair EYE, the EYE SHADOW brush the eyelash line to EYE fold position, curved Angle can make EYE makeup effect even more striking. Length: 17.3 CM Mao Kuan: 1 CM hair length: 1.2 CM

    6. Sweep/eyebrow EYE BROW: make it easier for eyebrows contour orientation, prominent camber Angle can be clearly beautification. Length: 16.5 CM Mao Kuan: 0.6 CM long MAO: 0.8 CM

    7. EYE fold sweep/EYE shadow brush nasal 】 【 CONTOUR: mixed with horse tail hair, special brush head can be easily in EYE fold sweep on EYE shadow, hair thick, flat brush head and EYE fold part fit seamlessly, to create a perfect EYE CONTOUR. Length: 18 cm Mao Kuan: 1 cm hair length: 1.3 cm

    8. Eye SHADOW brush CREAM CREAM eye SHADOW brush 】 【 SHADOW dab of the selected products, shimmery glow excess powder, light sweep in whatever color parts. Length: 17.1 cm Mao Kuan 0.6 cm long MAO: 1 cm

    9. LIP brush/LIP: flat type, slightly long, with sharp Mao Shen, can draw a moving lips. Length: 17 cm Mao Kuan: 0.6 cm long MAO: 1 cm

    10. Contour brush. BRONZER to horse tail hair, thick, large and convenient to use the smudge in the position of natural sunlight length: 16 cm Mao Kuan: 3 cm long and 1.6 cm

    11. Shading eyeliner stick/EYE LINER: at the moment not dry eyeliner, can use eyeliner rods will line dizzy, manufacturing sootiness effect, accuracy can easily put eyeliner dizzy! Length: 16 cm wide, 0.5 cm long, 0.5 cm

    12. FINE eyeliner brush/concealer brush 】 【 ULTRA FINE EYE LINER: the outline of the elaborate design can accurately extremely FINE eyeliner, can dry wet amphibious. Can help you to easily apply cream concealer, canthus, look line, such as edge, more can make acne, spots, modify the subtle makeup, or focus on block defect. Hair length: 16.7 cm Mao Kuan: 0.5 cm long MAO: 0.8 cm

    All makeup brush to make by hand/durable birch handle/different sweep with different precious animal wool, particularly soft tactility/cooperate with different utility, each sweep are different weight, make you more easily strength/brooming density, shape is carefully calculated to match the face a different Angle, build up makeup special cover, uniform, rich sense of contour.

    Questions about the brush off the hair:

    New buy brush with mild wool phenomenon is normal, because the brush is very thin, when bundle of brush a head to bound the power of the press will have few fracture, some special brittle in the first two back also in the process of natural fracture, use will disappear after 2 or 3 times, MM don't have to worry about

    More after wash not to drop. Whether brush wool not comb to decide with the hand, is in the back of hand brush a few times, no hair loss shall prevail. And this process was conducted after the cleaning brush. So buy a brush to wash to use first. General floating hair after washing one or two will no longer appear because the brush in the handmade process of dyeing and phenomenon of floating hair loss can be there at any time, but also because of the transport and storage issues there will be a part of the brush hair or the taste of glue to send out, so MM don't have to worry about

    Purpose: studio, make up learning, personal makeup, makeup artist, etc

    Material: high quality wool, the squirrel tail, yellow Wolf tail animals such as wool, high quality wooden, bamboo handle, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, etc.

    Professional high-grade materials, first-class design service, welcome to sample customized proofing, details of all of us for your consideration.

    We will promptly provide you with design and samples, we strive to product quality, service, price and so on various aspects to make you satisfied.

    Cosmetic brush (brush)


    Professional makeup brush bristles are generally divided into two kinds of animal hair and synthetic hair.

    Has a full set of wool scale natural animal hair clothes, so qualitative soft, eat meal degree of saturation, can make colour evenly pressed, and does not stimulate the skin. In general, animal hair is the best material for makeup brush. To promptly make makeup look beauty to get incisively and vividly, perhaps it's just a said you bad hand tools.

    According to colour makeup division: 1. Mink is the highest grade in the bristles, texture is soft and moderate.

    2. The goats is the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable.

    3. The artificial wool fibres is harder than animal hair, suitable for thick cream colour makeup. More than 5. Nylon is the most hard, used for eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

    The material


    Yellow Wolf tail hair, is the highest grade in the bristles, golden color, soft and elastic texture, is comfortable and can play well to use eye shadow, widely recognized by the makeup artist.

    Goats: the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable. And how classification of goats at the same time, suitable for professional makeup brushes are: 0, 2, 10, yellow peak in white, yellow and rush, rush, light, thin light peak, peak areas different name called.

    Horse hair: good softness, elasticity is a bit poor, according to the color is divided into original color, depth of color, black, one black is relatively small, black is commonly used for artificial dyeing.

    Man-made fibre: press maofeng tea to points, divided into sharpen fiber and not sharpened fiber. Sharpen fiber maofeng tea a slender, soft wool top than animal wool has good elasticity, and no powder, easy to clean, suitable for thick cream colour makeup.

    Besides brush material has difference, professional brush with the brush head is in accordance with the different parts of the make-up in different size, shape, and present all kinds of curved, apex oblique mouth or the flat of the brush head shape. Brush head line, arc is smooth, will affect the makeup effect, so the brush head shape is also an important factor of influence on makeup effect.

    The choose and buy 3

    Judge a brush, the key is the quality of a material of the bristles. Synthetic hair feel hard, is not easy to brush color. But it is durable and convenient cleaning. But need some brush hardness to achieve a better makeup effect, will be made of natural and artificial MAO MAO mix and match.

    The choose and buy recipe:

    Mixer brush to feel soft and smooth, tight structure.

    Clips the bristles in pieces with their fingers, comb gently downwards, check whether the bristles fall off easily.

    Will brush gently on the back of hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles clipping in order.

    With hot air blowing the bristles to distinguish species: stay for animal hair, the hair curly is man-made fibers.

    In pieces

    Using 4

    Professional brush with exquisite division of labor, so the thrush has eyebrow brush, painting might have eye shadow, eyeliner, eye shadow brush, eye folds, and honey lip brush, paint, etc., medium three brushes away before all the time has passed. But there are so many tools, can completely replace the traditional makeup tools? Powder park, make up cotton is abandoned in the this? The answer is no. The most important step to colour makeup "foundation" as an example, powder puff is still the best equipment and open foundation, but in the end after the sweet pink, with a big sweet stucco dropped the excess paint on his face, the whole makeup look more natural, so brush before and everyone used to other tools, should be complementary to each other's good helper, rather than as something new to replace the old habit.

    Before the traditional foundation brush is a flat shape, powder of the contact with the skin more considerate, use mode of side, namely brush to brush the side contact face, now, along with the advance of make-up techniques, make-up products constantly updated, brush. Style and function also upgrade, now hit powdery bottom, mainly adopted is also one of the most popular is the flat brush, can play farinaceous pink bottom, also can beat cream foundation, technique is no longer use the brush to brush the side, but use the technique of brush head horizontal pushing, the part of using a flat brush head, maofeng tea delicate, soft foundation natural symmetry, now is this one of the most popular. Businesses have also been innovation, of course, the new flat bevel foundation brush, also in production, will be more powerful.


    There are many different kinds of brushes. Deal with daily makeup, can according to personal habits to combine makeup look. But there are 6 brush is the basis of the necessary configuration: sweet stucco, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.


    Sweet stucco: sweep out of vanity with silk texture, facial MAC makeup brushes is more clean and durable.

    Concealer brush: fine brush to brush the hard-to-reach parts, block defect more uniform natural effect.

    Cheek is red brush, brush the natural curve of cheek is red, mottling shadows, perfect facial contours.

    There are many different kinds of eye shadow brush:. Need to prepare different size of eye shadow brush to match different eye ministry outline method.

    Eyebrow brush: cooperate with eyebrow powder, can draw quite a natural eyebrow. The eyebrow pencil is easier to control and shade.

    Lip brush: accurate outline of lip, make double lip colour full even, more enduring.

    Foundation brush: used to apply liquid foundation, the demands of the brush and the requirement of the foundation are high.

    Facial contour brush: characteristic lies in the brush head is 45 °, size close to cheek is red brush, brush coarser.


    Brushes are usually expensive, so should pay attention to the way of maintenance.

    After each use at ordinary times, must use a tissue along the direction of the brush gently dry scrubbers, removal of residual powder color and makeup. Every two weeks in the diluted shampoo soak in warm water to clean, then rinse in cold water. After finishing the bristles flat, make its natural order.

    Brush is like our hair, need to take a care, to keep smooth and bright. Clean brush to a makeup look neat, the dirty brush not only can't change a beautiful makeup look, also can make makeup look big discounts! Different brush due to the use and material is different, the frequency of cleaning is different also, here to teach you a simple identification method: the higher the oil content of colour makeup product use the brush, the number of cleaning will be more frequent. Because dirt and grease residue easily attached to breed bacteria, make the brush to use more color dirty, and harm the skin healthy and so on the clean will be more diligent.

    The correct cleaning steps

    1: use discharge makeup water or shampoo in the container, to be able to completely cover brush component, let the bristles dab adsorption, to dissolve the colour makeup adhesion.

    2: pour natural ingredients of shampoo in the container, then brush part fully soak agitation. 6

    3: with the brush in the palm of your hand, to repeat to grasp, gimmick, make the bristles of the residual dirt and makeup is completely cleared out

    4: in the end of a brush again, contact colour makeup product which is the most common, carefully clean again.

    5: the final cleaning brush with water, put in shampoo and cosmetics completely clean.

    6: if brush for using cleaner and become too acerbity, to use a small amount of hair conditioner, make wool smooth.

    7: gently comb with the comb, comb brush smooth, otherwise the brush is easy to deformation.

    8: take a few sheets of paper towels or a water absorption degree of towel, cover on brush a few times, make water after being sucked dry as far as possible, flat on ventilated place order.

    Daily maintenance method
    Wipers: most of dye colour wipers, usually after each use, simply use glossy paper will brush back and forth in the above flat brush, brush to the color is no longer present.Does not need to often clean the lip MAC makeup brushes, lip brush, otherwise you will lose the bristles elasticity, after each use directly on the surface residual lipstick paper wiping

    Buy Wholesale  MAC makeup brushes set new design with high quality,Factory outlet at wholesale prices
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